SS 20(4) Moomin World and Nursing room ムーミン・ワールドと授乳室

Although I have been to Moomin World in June, it turned to be October.  I shall continue report on Moomin World, this time in the perspective of nursing room in the amusement park. ムーミン・ワールドに足を運んだのは6月でしたら、すでに10月になってしまいました。それでもムーミン・ワールドについて報告を続けることにしましょう、今回は、このテーマパークの授乳室という点から報告します。 I was attracted by this baby sling and a dyad of this father and baby in my first sight.  So, I approached him and asked him the permission of the photograph and explained about my website.    There was this baby’s older sibling and his mum beside them, so obviously it is logical one parent carried a baby and the other a child.  The mum and the sibling were enjoying following Moomin whereas the father and this […]

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